Treating general foot ailments is a core part of Poshoglian Podiatry. Under certain circumstances and over time nails thicken, skin hardens and feet can become hard to reach. Our 30 minute general treatments can help with painful skin lesions and nails. Our podiatry experts will diagnose, treat and provide at home advice. Regular appointments are advised as these ailments are often recurring. Men and women of all ages will benefit greatly from our general treatments. We accept patients on Enhanced Primary Care programs and Department of Veterans' Affairs members. 

General services provided: 

  • Toe nail care

  • Corn and callus removal

  • Tinea and fungal diagnosis and treatment

  • Wart diagnosis and treatment 

  • Ingrown toenail prevention, treatment and surgical correction

  • Soothing foot massage 

  • Advice on maintaining good foot health