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Caring for Feet Since 1964

Poshoglian Podiatry is Sydney’s premier podiatry practice located conveniently in the CBD. Caring for feet since 1964, Poshoglian Podiatry offers a full range of general and specialised treatments of foot-related problems. Its caring podiatrists are among the most sought-after specialised practitioners for foot and lower limb care in Sydney.

Poshoglian Podiatry prides itself on being a progressive clinic with modern, up to date technology to care for all your foot and lower limb needs. We are the only Podiatry practice in the city to offer Zebris Gait Analysis force plate and High Definition video data to assess your walking or running cycle. Our customised orthoses are made in house using Orthema orthotic digitizing. We also treat general pain relating to corns, calluses and ingrown toenails. 


Paul Poshoglian

Paul has been caring for Sydney’s feet for over 52 years and is one of the most highly regarded health care practitioners in Sydney’s CBD. His name is synonymous with trusted service and a commitment to providing the highest levels of care. After studying chiropody (podiatry) in London, Paul became the exclusive sole proprietor of Dr Scholl’s foot service in Jordan.

Paul began at the Elizabeth Arden Salon in Sydney in 1964 as its podiatrist, before establishing his own practice in Sydney’s Strand Arcade. The practice has been located in the Dymocks Building since 1976. He specialises in diabetic foot care and general treatments for all foot-related problems. Paul also offers consultations in Arabic and Armenian languages.

Paul is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for appointments.


Martin Poshoglian B. Pod. (Newc) B. Nurs (Syd)

Joining the practice in 2009 Martin is a Senior Podiatrist who specialises in gait analysis and orthotic therapy.  Martin has developed a sound understanding in injury prevention measures for runners, and all other sportspeople. Common ailments as plantar fasciitis, shin splints and running injuries have been a focus of study and have in turn brought management protocols for injury prevention and treatment to the practice.

Also a Registered Nurse, and before becoming a podiatrist, Martin worked for North Shore Private Hospital in the oncology and cardio-thoracic nursing areas. He also worked for the London Clinic on Harley Street  in the stem cell transplant unit. He specialises in nail surgery for chronic ingrowing nails. With his background in nursing, wound care and vascular problems, Martin brings a high level of knowledge, strong experience and the very best level of care to Poshoglian Podiatry.

Martin is in the clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays for consults.


Neil Hinchliffe D.Pod.M

Neil has been an integral part of Poshoglian Podiatry for over 28 years. Neil studied in London and worked with the National Health Service in London before coming to Sydney and Poshoglian Podiatry.

Neil specialises in orthotics and gait analysis, ingrowing nails and general foot care. His experience and out going personality makes him a fantastic practitioner, and helpful mentor to training podiatrists. Neil is one of the most trusted and respected podiatrists in Sydney’s CBD.

Neil is available on Tuesday and Fridays for appointments.


Yvette Cunningham B. Pod. (Newc) B.Arts (CSU)

Yvette joined the practice after coming from a background in communications. She has an excellent clinical and biomechanical skill set and is changing the face of Poshoglian Podiatry to an evidence based practice approach.

Yvette’s speciality is in biomechanics and Shockwave therapy for soft tissue complaints such as Plantar Fasciitis. Yvette has fast become a valued member of the team by her patients.

Yvette is in the clinic on Mondays, Fridays and Saturday for all podiatry concerns.


Victoria Kokotatsios BHlthSc/MPodMed (WSU) BESS (ACU)

Victoria has been apart of the Poshoglian Podiatry team for many years, starting out at our front desk whilst studying at university. This gave her opportunity become familiar with the clientele and to be mentored closely by the amazing Posh Pod team. Victoria has treated in hospitals and private practices throughout the Southern Sydney region and also spent time overseas in Galway, Ireland.

Victoria comes with an abundance of knowledge when it comes to footwear after being a Master Fit Technician and manager at The Athlete’s Foot. Victoria is passionate about biomechanics and is experienced in using exercise to treat hip, knee and foot injuries. Victoria also has a keen interest in general podiatry and ingrown nail surgery.

Victoria is available Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Nathan Stevens B Pod (Newc)

Nathan has been a long time friend of PoshPod, being a student through the practice a number of years ago from University of Newcastle. Nathan has a strong sports focus and is able to relate to the professional sportsperson, having played in the FFA cup and National Premier League for Western Workers in the Hunter. Bringing intricate knowledge of what it takes to perform, train and rehab at the elite level.

Bringing a suite of skills from time as  a FIFO Podiatrist in QLD, WA, and NSW, Nathan is a strong practitioner of all facets of general podiatry through to the elite sports, Nathan is a welcome addition to the PoshPod team.

Nathan is available Tuesdays and Thursdays for all podiatry concerns.